sweet mary jane~
is this a cute outfit~?

is this a cute outfit~?



((I just really don’t do things that require a post order. I mean, like… Things between more than like me and one other person. Can’t do the whole like Dave to MJ to Dani and circle thing. It’s just one of my personal quirks. Sorry.))

((no it’s fine i need to go soon so i deleted that post and am doing something between dave and mj instead))

((MJ hops through/between space/universes with raw power, basically. She hasn’t learned the finesse needed to leave the mansion.))


((Taking a short haitus with Joan and Mary Jane to let their muses recover. Sorry, y’all!))


((Sorry I haven’t been on lately - been distracted with midterms and my new portalstuck!Rattman account. I’ll be back soonish, I promise!))

hey kid saw those new dresses you got / theyre adorable


um~. i’m telling daddy now about doc scratch~. that’s good, right~?

Everyone in the Doctor Who fandom, reblog.

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my new outfits~.